Get to know more about us.

EZ Qurban Sdn Bhd (768010-D) was first established on 3rd April 2007 and operates at No. 79 & 80, Jalan 3, Batu Caves Business Center, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.
EZ Qurban Sdn Bhd (EZQ) is a company that specializes in performing Ibadah Qurban and Aqiqah services as well as other services such as Fidyah, Donation and Wakaf. EZQ plays a role in offering facilities to Muslims in Malaysia and around the world for the implementation Aqiqah and Qurban to make the Ibadah easier and faster. EZQ committed to being a trusted and professional brand of Aqiqah service and Qurban as well as being able to help Muslims abroad who are more in need.
As for now, these are the countries for implementation Qurban and Aqiqah, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mali, Chad, Kenya, Malawi also in the Rohingya Refugee Camps and Palestine (different prices). Meanwhile, for other services such as fidyahwakaf and donations are distributed either in Malaysia or to countries performing EZQ Qurban and Aqiqah depending on current needs.



Awareness among Muslim especially in Malaysia performing Aqiqah and Qurban are highly required (Sunat Muakkad).





A leader in Qurban and Aqiqah services. Professional, easy and trusted by Malaysian also international.



Long Term Objectives

Easy & Affordable

To ensure the easy process and affordable price of Qurban and Aqiqah able to cater by most communities.

For Ummah

Society has a chance fulfilling Qurban and Aqiqah while helping the Muslims in need around the world.


Convey knowledge to increase the awareness of Muslims in Malaysia on the advantages of performing Qurban and Aqiqah.

Trusted Brand

Making EZQ a brand trusted by Muslims in Malaysia also globally.

Professional & Quality

Implement a quality work culture and professionally helping our customers as well as adhering to the path of Islamic law.

Our motto.