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Qurban is the slaughtering of animals such as camels, cows and goats performed on the day of Eid Adha, which is on 10th Zulhijjah (after the Eid Adha prayers) and in the following days of Tasyrik which is on 11th, 12th , 13th Zulhijjah.

  1. Muslim
  2. Adult
  3. Sane
  4. Afford
  5. Independent (not from slave)

The law of performing Qurban is SUNAT MU’AKKADAH – that is highly required to do.

  1. Qurban on the basis of a Will left by the deceased
  2. Qurban Nazr based on a vowed that to be fulfilled.
  3. Qurban Ta’yin, which is the intended Qurban on a particular animal.

It is not recommended to perform Qurban on a person who has passed away, except there’s a will made by the deceased.

Yes, with the purpose of educating children do it and (in the meantime) parents should guide children how to make intention to Qurban.

One (1) part of cow only for one (1) participant name only. But it is obligatory for the participant to intend (prayer) to donate the reward of the Qurban to other members of their family.

Yes, but must tell the person for he/she to make intention to do Qurban.

For example: a child performs Qurban for his parents who are in the hometown. So his parents need to make intention, so that the Qurban are perfect.

A representative agreement(Akad) must be made for the person who entrust the implementation of Qurban to the secretariat of the Qurban program. The representative agreement(Akad) is also sufficient with the intention of the Qurban participants.

If long-term financial debts such as house installments, car installments, etc. are not included in the category of debt in question. Debt that burdens himself so much that he cannot afford to buy food or basic necessities of life, then there is no need for him to perform Qurban.

It is not recommended, because the meat is based on the slaughter of worship.

Advisable(Sunnah) does not cut the nails, drop any hair and is also adviseable(Sunnah) to make pray starting from 1 Zulhijjah until the Qurban is performed.

It is necessary, because Muslims are highly required to perform Qurban every year.

Qurban performed in his/her own place (qariah), slaughtering his/her own sacrificial animal, seeing the slaughter of the Qurban (represent), distributing his/her own Qurban meat. The best sacrificial animals are the ones with the most meat. The best sacrificial animals were camels, followed by cows and goats.

Yes. If the time of Qurban is near, it is better to perform Qurban first because Qurban can only be done only on 10-13 Zulhijjah every year. While Aqiqah can be implement at any time of the year. If capable can be implement both at once.

Management Info

EZQ performs the act of Qurban both locally and abroad. Aside from Malaysia, some of the other countries include (ASIA) Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, (AFRICA) Mali, Chad, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania as well as refugee camps for Rohingya (Myanmar-Bangladesh border) and Dadaab (Somalia-Kenya).

We would like to offer different alternatives for our customer to choose between performing Qurban locally or abroad with affordable Qurban price in order to encourage Muslims in Malaysia to never miss the opportunity of performing Qurban.

EZ Qurban has over 14 years of experience in overseeing and managing the performance of Qurban overseas. Our office is operating throughout the year at Batu Caves Centrepoint. We also, are the holder of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification that ensures the quality of operations that is guaranteed.

Moreover, EZ Qurban has been cooperating with many educational institutions, corporations, NGO bodies and the like, and has also received media coverage on TV channels like Astro Awani, TV Al-Hijrah and Bernama TV, and electronic publications such as The Star Online, Astro Awani, Berita Harian, Sinar Harian and many more in which some of them joined us to observe how the whole operation been carried out.

Both of them.

Additional information : The gender of the livestock is not one of the conditions for its eligibility for Qurban.
Size and conditions of goat to be eligible for Qurban:

  • Have reached the age in accordance with Shariah (Camel: 5 years old, cattle, buffalo & goat: 2 years old, sheep: 1 year old @ already lose their front teeth)
  • Healthy & free from disability or handicap.

  • Additional information: The best livestocks to be slaughtered for Qurban are those which are fat and have more meat, but the weight and size are not the reason for its eligibility for Qurban.
    EZ Qurban buys the livestock from countries that specialized in ranching industry. Usually we buy it directly, and in large quantities from the local rancher and be able to achieve the affordable price.

    We do not provide photography services of each individual Qurban slaughter due to the large quantity of the livestocks (to be slaughtered) as well as the limited execution period. Nonetheless, we will try to upload and update the general photo of our Qurban’s programme onto our Facebook page : EZ Qurban SDN BHD.

    It is not recommended for participants to choose the country. Each registration will be entered into the system and assigned a country by the management based on the needs of each country.

    The certificate will be posted or emailed to our customers within two months after the execution of the Qurban. This timeframe is required to compile completion reports sent by our fulfillment partners from over 36 countries where Qurban will be performed in.

    Yes, a transaction essentially consists of Ijab and Qabul (offer and acceptance), it does not matter whether the sales agreement is executed verbally or in writing. As long as the seller gives the commodity with the intention of a sale, and the buyer takes it also with the intention of purchase, it is sufficient. The wording of áqd is stated on EZ Qurban’s online form registration.

    EZ Qurban never appoint any agents to collect the payment for Qurban’s registration.

    We have contacted our fulfillment partner regarding these matters and their response is that slaughtering for Qurban can still be carried out overseas but with limited livestock and strict SOPs. It should be mentioned that all operational aspects this year including livestock purchasing, slaughtering, distribution, and reporting will be managed 100% by our representatives overseas with remote monitoring by our fulfillment partner and EZ Qurban.

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