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Amanah Warisan Berhad (Awaris) is the appointment of Ez Qurban Sdn Bhd. A Trust Institution subject to the Trust Companies Act 1949. To safeguard the interests of the parties involved with any scheme including schemes conducted under EZ Qurban.


Power of Law

a. Trust Companies Act 1949 (To maintain the trust & execution of the parties)

b. AMLA 2010 (Anti Money Laundering Act), under Bank Negara Malaysia


Compliance documents

a. Account Audit

b. Project Implementation Report

c. Appropriate “Due Diligence” from time to time


AWARIS Assignment:

a. Compliance with relevant Acts (a & b)

b. Compliance compliance documents (a, b & c)

1) Trust Institutions that use Digital & Syariah fully.

2) Flexibility.

3) AWARIS has partnered with 3 commercial banks, Takaful Institutions that are compliant with IFSA 2013.

4) A good AWARIS track record.

5) AWARIS is subject to the annual audit & compliance of SSM & AMLA 2010 (Bank Negara).

1) Has Board Members who are experienced in the field

     a- Trust

     b- Treasury & Banking

     c- Compliance

     d- Operation

     e- Accounting


2) Highly qualified & independent Shariah Advisor

3) Highly qualified & independent Investment Advisor

4) Highly qualified & independent Corporate Advisor

5) All Independent Boards & Staff:

     a- CBT

     b- Insolvency

     c- CCRIS

Customers will receive an email from Billplz (payment gateway representing EZ Qurban and Awaris) informing them that payment has been received. Confirmation of registration will be notified by Ez Qurban also via email.

Yes. Any cancellation and refund requires review and taking time as contained in the refund policy by Ez Qurban.

The time required varies according to the normal season and the Ramadan/ Qurban season. For the normal season, the refund process takes 1 to 3 working days while for the Ramadan and Qurban seasons it takes 7 to 14 working days for the refund process.

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