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Aqiqah is the ritual of slaughtering livestock (goats) slaughtered on the 7th day of the baby’s birth. If missed (perform it) on the 7th day of birth, then it should be slaughtered on the 14th day. If not, then it can be implemented on the 21st day or can be after every next 7 days. This is based on the opinion of Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjari in his book Sabil Al-Muhtadin.

The law of performing Aqiqah worship is SUNAT MU’AKKAD (which is highly required to do) based on a strong opinion in the As-Syafie law.

No. Aqiqah is not a tradition or customs of the Malays, even it is the Ibadah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Prophet Muhammad PBUH also Aqiqah for His own grandson, Hassan and Husayn R.A.

Because Aqiqah is parent’s responsibility to fulfill for having the children.

Aqiqah is the responsibility of the guardian (parents) of the child. It can be grandfather, uncle, or guardian responsibility if the parents have passed away.

Yes. If the parent of the child cannot afford or unable to do it for certain reasons, then the other party can implement Aqiqah for the child, but it must be informed to the parents.

Yes, if we can afford it (already have our own income).

  • Expressing infinite gratitude in conjunction with the birth of a baby.
  • Spread the word about the birth of a child so that prejudice does not arise.
  • Grateful for the blessings of having child from our own flesh and blood.
  • Babies are born healthy and perfect.
  • Prevent babies from getting sick.
  • Avoid children from demonic interference.
  • Able to support the growth and intelligence of children’s minds.
  • Live the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH when celebrating the birth of a baby.
  • Avoid heretical practices such as “lenggang perut” and baby shower or practices that do not coincide with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.



  • Double the reward for doing good.
  • The reward of feeding people for breaking the fast.

It is sunnah implementing Aqiqah with a goat.

  • Male – 2 goats
  • Female – 1 goat

Yes, not necessarily 2 goats at once. However, if you can afford it, the slaughter of the Aqiqah should be completed at another time.

Yes, even Prophet Muhammad PBUH implement Aqiqah for his two grandsons Hassan & Hussain R.A respectively.

Yes. The more Aqiqah animals are slaughtered, the greater the reward because more people receive the benefits.

There is no text forbidding to perform Aqiqah with the cows, but we in EZQ not implementing Aqiqah with the cow, only Aqiqah with goats only.



So far we do not provide Aqiqah slaughter services with cow by parts.



Can perform Aqiqah with a cow but only for 1 name only. (EZQ does not accept Aqiqah orders for a cow with more than 1 name).

Aqiqah meat is sunnah to be cooked. In contrast to the Qurban where the meat is distributed raw.


But at EZQ, not all the aqiqah meat is cooked, some are distributed raw to the locals so that more people receive the distribution of the meat.

Must perform Aqiqah for a baby who has died whether he died in the womb (after more than 4 months) or he died before he could live on the 7th day of birth, as a sign of gratitude given the opportunity to have children even if his life is not long.

Management Info

EZ Qurban performs Aqiqah in Malaysia and abroad. Apart from Malaysia, among the implementation countries are in (ASIA) Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, (AFRICA) Mali, Chad, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and also in some Refugee Camps such as Rohingya (Myanmar Bangladesh border) & Dadaab (Somalia-Kenya).



Implement at Colla Cattle Farm in Kuala Selangor.

We give the opportunity to our customers to make choice in the exercise of performing Aqiqah either in or outside the country with the offer price of services that AFFORDABLE, order to encourage Muslims in Malaysia not to miss out performing Aqiqah.

EZ Qurban has 14 years of experience in managing the implementation of Aqiqah and Aqiqah abroad. Our office operates year-round at Batu Caves Centrepoint. We are the holder of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification which ensures the quality of management is guaranteed.


In addition, we have also cooperate extensively with banking institutions (Bank Rakyat & BSN), education (CSR program), foundations, cooperatives, corporate companies, NGOs and so on. We have also received extensive coverage from the media such as from radio stations we have Ikim, TV stations we have Astro Awani, TV Al-Hijrah, RTM, Media Prima & and Bernama TV, and electronic media we have Astro Awani, Harian Metro, Utusan Malaysia & Sinar Harian which they also joined us to see for themselves the process we did.

Both. Usually we will perform Aqiqah with a male goat.

**The gender of the animal is not a condition whether the Aqiqah is valid or not**

The size of the goat follows the standards & conditions of the animals that can be slaughter, namely:

  • Age for goats – 2 years.
  • Sheep: 8 months old – 1 year old or tooth replaced.
  • Not deformed & disease-free.

We buy livestock in cattle & goat breeding countries. Usually, we buy directly from farmers and bargain will occur if purchased in large quantities.

After registration, Aqiqah will be implement and certificate will be post or email (E-Cert) to the customer within 20 days (including public holidays).



All Aqiqah registrations starting 1st Rejab will be implement throughout the month of Ramadhan. And a certificate of confirmation will be issued upon completion of the Aqiqah.



All registrations of Aqiqah starting 1st Zulhijjah will be implement after the end of the qurban season. Certificate of confirmation will be issued upon completion of the Aqiqah.

Yes enough. The transaction that takes place consist ijab and qabul, which is the agreement between the buyer and the seller either verbally or in writing. There is a read out of the contract in the online form of EZ Qurban.

EZ Qurban never appointed any sales agent or private agent to collect for Aqiqah registration.

We have been in touch with our representatives abroad and they have responded that there still can implement Aqiqah over there. For your information, at this time, all matters of goat purchase, slaughter, distribution, and report in the form of video are handled 100% by our representatives abroad.

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