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The Prihatin Ummah Program is a program conducted every year by EZ Qurban in conjunction with the presence of the month of Ramadan. The campaign of this program launch on 1st Rejab until 27th Ramadan.

Among the contents of the program is the implementation of Aqiqah starting 1st Rejab will be held in the month of Ramadan, then the Aqiqah meat will be cooked and distribute as meal for breaking fast to the needy.

Opportunity to double the reward of Ibadah Aqiqah when it is done during the month of Ramadan, in addition able to distribute aqiqah meat as meal for breaking fast to those in need.

There is no specific proposition(Dalil) in this regard. The encouragement to perform Aqiqah in the month of Ramadan is only to provide an opportunity for those who have not performed aqiqah for themselves, their children or grandchildren.

And the month of Ramadan is the best opportunity to feed people to break their fast and double the reward of those who fast if they do good deeds in the holy month of Ramadan.

The best is to hasten the implementation of Aqiqah on the 7th day as it has been ordered by the Prophet SAW in the hadith.

As for Aqiqah Ramadan is an opportunity for those who have missed performing Aqiqah whether for themselves, children or grandchildren. The implementation in the month of Ramadan gives the opportunity to reap the rewards of feeding people to break their fast.

Management Info

Starting 1st Rejab until Ramadan, Ez Qurban will postpone all the implementation of normal Aqiqah (except request for the 7th, 14th & 21st) and will be implement in the month of  Ramadan.

EZ Qurban organized the PRIHATIN UMMAH PROGRAM from Rejab until the end of Ramadan.

In this program, all Aqiqah entries will be slaughter during the month of Ramadan and the meat of Aqiqah will be cooked and distribute to the people in need for breaking fast.

For every Aqiqah entries will receive Mommy Hana’s IAD.

The full report will be received upon completion of the slaughter. Ez Qurban will provide a certificate of implementation of Aqiqah with the participant’s name, location and date of slaughter.

And we also include proof of complete implementation whether in the form of video or photos, as well as Mommy Hana’s IAD.

The Aqiqah meat will be distributed based on the situation abroad. Some are cooked and served for break the fast, and some are given raw.

Yes. Refer to FAQ AQIQAH MALAYSIA how to take the meat managed by Colla. For Aqiqah Malaysia we limit only 2kg for each participant.

Closing date for registration of Prihatin Ummah Program:

AQIQAH MAKKAH       : 1 MEI 2021 (19 Ramadan 1442)

AQIQAH RAMADAN  : 9 MEI 2021 (27 Ramadan 1442)

AQIQAH MALAYSIA   : 9 MEI 2021 (27 Ramadan 1442) 

Not encouraged. So far, all the implementation of Aqiqah Ramadan abroad will be implement in the Holy Land of Makkah.

Abroad: Representative of EZ Qurban abroad.

In Malaysia: Yayasan EZ Prihatin

So far, as long as the implementation of Aqiqah takes place in the month of Ramadan, in addition to raw distribution, the slaughtered meat will be used as meal for breaking fast.

We organize Prihatin Ummah Packs and iftar will be distribute in the form of food packs.

Yes can. Slaughterhouses and business centers are still operating as usual.

The meat will be cooked and made into food packs so that it is easy to distribute and benefit more people.

The aqiqah meat will be distributed to the people around Makkah who were affected by COVID-19. All knows that the economy in Makkah depends a lot on the umrah and hajj pilgrims.

The month of Ramadan is one of the months awaited by the people of Makkah. Every year many activities are done to celebrate this holy month including the distribution of food for breaking the fast and so on and this activity is not subject to the mosque only.

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